Why personal injury victims need contingency fees

When a person is involved in a personal injury accident, recovery can be long and painful. There are many expenses to cover, such as medical bills, property damage, rehabilitation, etc., and situations where the person cannot return to work immediately after the accident. These situations have a financial impact, not only on the victim but on the family as well.

Many of these victims hesitate to hire a lawyer to represent them, thinking that the attorneys’ fees will be tremendously high and only add to the existing expenses. Unfortunately, it is because of this belief that many people are left without obtaining the justice and compensation they deserve.

Most personal injury attorneys work under what is known as “contingency fees.” This means that the victim will not have to make any payment for the services of the legal firm until an agreement or resolution has been reached, one that is beneficial for the client. Only in this case will the lawyers charge for their services.

That is why lawyers specialized in this area carefully review each of the details of the accident and the person’s specific situation. They only accept cases in which they are sure that the result will be successful.

And how much would the contingency fee be? The amount of the contingency fee will be a percentage of the compensation received by the victim. And this percentage is determined out of various factors such as the severity of the injuries, current and future lost wages, the temporary or permanent disability of the person, etc. Most of these cases are resolved based on out-of-court settlements, however, should the case go to court, this would also be considered when determining a percentage.

Before signing any contract with a lawyer, you must review the clauses and clear all your doubts before signing any contract. Hiring a lawyer is your best bet to obtain justice!