What to do if you are hit by a drunk driver

We have all heard or seen terrible news where adults, children, or entire families die due to the behavior of a driver who was driving while intoxicated. Unfortunately, it is estimated that around 28 people die from this cause each day in the United States. The saddest thing about this situation is that each and every one of these accidents could have been prevented.

If you ever find yourself involved in such a terrible situation, you must call 911 immediately. They will be able to send a police unit as soon as possible to collect evidence. They can also send you an ambulance with medical personnel who will provide urgent services, ensuring that both you and others who may have been injured get medical attention as soon as possible. Your safety and that of others should be your top priority.

If you can move, and your car is still working, try to move it to a place where you are safer and cannot cause another accident. In case the vehicle cannot be started, then move to a safer place. If some other vehicle collides with your car, you don’t want to be there for further damage.

If the driver responsible for the accident fled or wanted to flee the scene, take photos of his vehicle, license plates, and everything possible.
If you can take a video of the driver that shows their drunkenness, either because of their behavior or way of speaking, please do so. Also, take photos of any alcoholic beverages you find.

Once you have obtained the necessary medical attention and are in a safe place, communicate to the police all the information you have about how the accident occurred and your version of the events. Hire a specialized attorney who can represent you.