When to Fire a Personal Injury Lawyer and Hire a New One

Being involved in legal proceedings for a personal injury accident is not a desirable situation. There are many things to consider, and a lack of knowledge can prove dangerous for your case. Having a lawyer who is skilled and experienced can be crucial for your case. 

When hiring a lawyer, it is vital to consider not only recommendations but also their academic and work history, rate of cases won, etc. There are situations in which people may feel that:

  • Their lawyer is not doing enough to win their case.
  • He or she is not investing enough time or resources in the process. 
  • There isn’t constant and effective communication; 

It may also be the case that the client disagrees with how the attorney is handling the situation, or they simply don’t trust their lawyer enough to continue working with him or her.

In the United States, the judicial system states that all citizens have the right to a fair trial, both in criminal and civil proceedings. That is why American citizens have the right to choose who they want to represent them. If, for any reason, you feel that you can no longer work with your lawyer, it is essential to know that you can fire him and hire a new one.

Before firing your current attorney, review the terms of your contract. Within them, you should be able to find something related to the termination of services. For example, it should specify how to pay for services and the time spent on your case up to that point, as well as services that could have been already paid for but that have not been carried out yet.

Make sure you have a new attorney before doing so. A significant advantage may be that most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations. Talk to another attorney about your case, your concerns, and your questions. Once you have decided on another lawyer, you will have to send a letter in writing to the previous lawyer requesting the termination of the contract. Your new attorney can help you obtain your file and all the essential documents related to your legal process.