Common misconceptions about car accident injuries

Being involved in a car accident is a very frustrating experience. Whether the accident was severe with injured people or minor, where there are no visible injuries.

In any case, all accident victims are entitled to compensation to help them cover the expenses derived from said accident. The compensation must apply regardless of the accident’s severity or how serious or minor the damages were.

However, there are several myths and misconceptions about what to do after an accident. Below we will mention some of these myths and explain why they are misconceptions.

  • I don’t need to call the police. Seeing that the crash was nothing more than a hit to the rear bumper, many people decide it’s not important to call the police. However, failure to do so prevents the police from filing a situation report that can serve as backup should they later decide to take legal action against the responsible party.
  • My insurance company will take care of everything. This couldn’t be further from reality. We must remember that insurance companies are businesses that seek to take care of their interests first. Often, the initial amounts offered to victims tend to be much less than what they deserve to cover all their expenses. Before accepting any offer, it is essential to speak with an attorney who can help you determine the concepts to be considered to arrive at a fair amount of said compensation.
  • I am not entitled to compensation since I had no injuries. Even if the victim does not have visible injuries, this does not mean that they cannot develop over time. It also does not mean that they cannot obtain compensation to cover the costs of repairing their vehicle as well as the stress and suffering that the person may have experienced.

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