Types of Witnesses Who Might Be Able to Help Your Auto Accident Case

Not all accidents can be so easy to determine the responsibility of who caused it, and this is a crucial point in a personal injury claim.

When the circumstances surrounding the accident are difficult, confusing, and more than two people were involved, it can be very helpful to hire subject matter experts to help determine how the accident happened.

An expert in the field can benefit your case

Personal injury attorneys can help you determine if the involvement of an expert may be necessary. In addition to deciding what type of expert would be appropriate according to your accident.

Experts, through an inspection, can quickly determine the causes and detail the extent of the damage, not only to your property, but also to present and future medical expenses and changes in your lifestyle.

Types of expert witnesses

Regarding car accidents, the experts most commonly called to testify include:

– Experts in accident reconstruction. Accident reconstruction experts have degrees in engineering, science, and law. They can help determine how the accident occurred through a reconstruction of the events, knowing how fast the vehicles were going, what the force of the impact was, and who was the responsible party. These experts take into account all the circumstances involved, including weather conditions, car conditions, and whether violations were committed.

– Expert economists. These experts can calculate all aspects of the victim’s financial losses. Material damage, present and future lost wages, and economic consequences in terms of the person’s lifestyle.

– Expert in medical care. Medical care experts will be able to determine the medical expenses that the victim will incur, both now and in the future. You will be able to determine what type of medical care you will need, future surgeries, rehabilitation therapies, nurses, wheelchairs, adaptations that the family will have to make at home, etc.

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