Why You Should Pay Attention to Vehicle Recalls

The National Motor Vehicle and Traffic Safety Act gives NHTSA the authority to issue vehicle safety standards. These standards must be followed by all car manufacturers.

However, there are times when manufacturers detect a safety defect in vehicles that are already on the market, and that were purchased by some drivers. In these cases, manufacturers notify NHTSA, as well as dealers, distributors and vehicle owners, and initiate a procedure known as a “vehicle recall.”

Through this procedure, all parties involved are notified that a manufacturing defect has been found that may put the safety of drivers at risk, although there are times when the defect has nothing to do with safety problems. Afterwards, the manufacturers initiate these recalls, requesting that the cars be taken to a local dealer, where they will have to solve the problem at no extra cost to the owner.

Predictably, research has found that 72% of Americans ignore these notifications, which may not be a good decision.

If you receive one of these notifications, it is important that you make getting your car to a dealership a priority. It may or may not be a safety defect, or you may not have had any issues so far, but why take the risk when you’ve already paid for your vehicle? It is better to take all possible precautions than to risk having an accident.

Before you ignore one of these notices or notices, it’s a good idea to use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall tool at or your car manufacturer’s website. By entering your vehicle identification number, make and model, you can ensure if it is included in the vehicle recall and take appropriate action.

Remember that the safety and that of your family are the most important thing, and that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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