After an auto accident, the first thing you should do is get medical attention. Even if you don’t see or feel injuries, you should always get a medical assessment and document the accident. If you remain at the accident scene, take photos, get witness information, and exchange information with others involved. Call 911 and have a police report document the accident.

You should never give a statement to an insurance company after an accident without first speaking to an attorney. The insurance company may try to get you to admit fault or minimizes your injuries. Such statements can be used against you later if you file an insurance or personal injury claim.

In California, you can sue a government entity (city, state, etc.) if you were injured on public property or property owned by a government agency. These cases are more complicated than premises liability cases against an individual. Contact a premises liability lawyer to discuss your case before attempting a lawsuit on your own.

Legally, a property owner, landlord, or business owner is responsible for injuries that happen on their property. However, a renter can also be held responsible for maintaining the safety of the property while in his or her possession.

In California, you can sue a dog’s owner if you were attacked and injured. California law holds that dog owners care strictly responsible for injuries caused by their pets. The past behavior of the dog is irrelevant. The exception is if you were trespassing on the owner’s property when you were attacked.

Technically, you can create a will without a lawyer. However, it is recommended to have a lawyer review your will to ensure it meets state requirements. Otherwise, your will may be invalid and your wishes not upheld when you die.